July 18, 2024

How to evaluate your interest earning with Bajaj Finance FD Calculator

11:08 am

Among the various fixed deposit options available to you, not many offer the range of features and benefits as a Bajaj Finance FD. It comes with several advantages such as flexible tenors, customizable interest payout options, a completely paperless online process, and the ability to avail a loan against your FD. That’s not all. Bajaj Finance FD rates are also quite attractive and are much higher than what many other financial institutions offer. Here’s how you can calculate the interest from a Bajaj Finance FD using a Bajaj Finance FD calculator.

How to calculate interest earnings using the Bajaj Finance FD calculator?

Using the calculator is hassle-free and takes just a few seconds. Follow the below mentioned steps to calculate the interest component that you’re likely to earn from your FD investment.

  1. Navigate to the webpage of the Bajaj Finance FD calculator.
  2. Choose one of the following customer types – non-senior citizen (investing offline), senior citizen (investing offline/online), non-senior citizen (investing online).
  3. Based on your selection in the previous step, the Bajaj Finance FD calculator will automatically display the applicable Bajaj Finance FD rates.
  4. Next, enter the amount of investment that you’re planning to make.
  5. Specify the tenor of investment.
  6. Once you’ve entered all the above details, the calculator will automatically evaluate and display the amount of interest that you’re likely to earn on maturity, the total maturity value, and the maturity date as well.
  7. The Bajaj Finance FD calculator will also display the amount of interest that you’re likely to earn on both cumulative and non-cumulative fixed deposits as well.


As you can see, using the Bajaj Finance FD calculator is easy and simple. Interested in investing in Bajaj Finance FD? Visit Finserv MARKETS for more information on Bajaj Finance FD And while you’re there, do take a look at our other offerings as well. Finserv MARKETS is a one-stop solution for all your financial needs including loans, insurance, and investment.

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