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May 20, 2024

How to Avoid Scams—Know the Signs of a “Phishy” Email

5:39 am

In an age of globalisation and personalised experiences, it’s becoming increasingly hard to come up with “universal experiences” which all of us share. At the same time, receiving phishing emails and spam are almost certainly one such experience – albeit a negative one. The Internet has helped to bring the world together. It has also made it far easier for scammers and would-be hackers to steal your personal information and money. All it takes is one ill-fated click to send your life into a downward spiral of scams, viruses, and identity theft.

What’s more, even if you yourself are savvy enough to spot a fraudster, computer and Internet literacy has lagged far behind Internet access. As such, while you might know what’s legit and what’s not, the same might not be true for Gran. You love helping her out, but you don’t entirely trust her Internet literacy skills, don’t want to see her scammed, but simply can’t help her out every time she has a question about what she should and shouldn’t click.

This guide, therefore, can allow you both to read up on how to spot a phishing email.

Don’t Click Links

First and foremost, you want to make sure that you do not click on any link unless you are absolutely, positively, 100% sure that it is safe. Clicking on a mystery link is the fastest way to open yourself up to everything from a computer virus to identity theft and ransomware. Even if you are only the tiniest bit concerned about the validity of a link, don’t click. Do some research, and only click if you are certain the link is safe and valid.

Don’t Respond to Money Requests

Has a friend suddenly become “stranded” in a foreign country, and is asking for a few hundred pounds, with the promise that they’ll repay you as soon as they get back? This is a popular phishing scam today. If you haven’t heard anything about a friend’s mystery trip to Ukraine or Ghana, you’ll want to give them a call and ask if they’ve actually sent you a message before clicking on anything. Even if you know the email is a fraud from telltale signs such as poor spelling and grammar, tell your friends via another form of communication, such as text, WhatsApp, or Facebook – their bank accounts may have been hacked, and they’ll need to check with their bank as quickly as possible.

Too Good to Be True

Have you just “won a free iPhone,” a “free cruise to the Bahamas,” or any normally-expensive thing that’s suddenly and mysteriously “free” and yours for the taking? You almost certainly haven’t “won” anything – and if you wind up clicking on these “offers,” it’s almost certainly a scammer who will be hitting the jackpot, and at your expense. As in life, you’ll want to exercise basic common sense – if the offer espoused in an email sounds too good to be true, it almost certainly is.

These tips can help keep you, your Gran, and anyone else you know safe while sorting out messages which appear all too “phishy” in your email inbox.

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How to optimize your website using SEO?

5:31 am

As you all know, the main goal of the SEO or search engine optimization is to help the search engine viewers not only find your pages and website but precisely rank the relevance of the page, so that it shows right at the top of the results in search engine.

You should understand that the process of optimizing your website is definitely not a one-time job but needs tuning, maintenance, continuous monitoring and testing.

Here are 3 steps process which will help you to optimize your search engine: More details can be found on

STEP 1: Focus on market business analysis

  • Analysis of your website: You should do a complete analysis of keywords/meta sets, code and visible text to determine your position on search engines.
  • Nominating the initial keyword: Prepare a prioritized list of most targeted search words which are related to your market segment and client base. Start with this: What will you type in a search engine to find your page or business website? You can then ask your client.
  • Analysis on a competitive level: Total inspection of keywords which have been used in content and present search engine grading of competitive sites, in order, to find an effective search engine placing strategy. Choose the top 5 results in the listing of the Google results to start this process. You can expand as when required.

STEP 2: Keyword development and research

  • Analysis of the keyword: Starting from the nomination, move further to identify a list of most targeted keywords as well as phrases. Take a review of the competitive list followed with other relevant sources of the industry. Make use of your preliminary list to find out the indicative count of recent queries at the search engine as well as the number of website competing for every keyword. You should prioritize the phrases and keywords, misspelled words singulars and plurals. Please remember that if the users misspell a keyword, you should recognize and use it. Also note that Google makes an attempt to correct the term while searching, therefore, use this carefully.
  • Objective and goals: From advance, be very clear in defining your objectives so if you implement any programs you will be able measure your ROI. Begin simple, but avoid skipping this step. For e.g. you might decide to increase the trafficin the span of 30 days from 100 visitors to 200 users. The other chance is that you may wish to improve your present conversion rate of 1% to 2% in a specific period.

STEP 3: Optimization and submission of content:

  • Generate page titles: The titles which are based on keywords help to establish the theme of page and gives direction to your keywords.
  • Generate Meta tags: Title tags and Meta descriptions can greatly influence click-through, but they are not used for ranking directly. Many companies are using programmatic SEO to do this. Here’s how one marketer defines programmatic SEO.
  • Build new sitemaps for Bing and Google: You should make it simple for search engines to point your website. Generate both HTML and XML versions. The version of HTML is the initial step. The sitemaps of XML can be easily submitted with the help of Bing and Google webmaster tools.

You can get in touch with Marccx Media to get your website optimized using SEO whenever required. Ultimately, you can attract much more traffic and potential customers.

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Five Reasons Why Taking a Business Management Course Is a Great Idea

12:50 pm

The world of business is always going to be very competitive. If you are not prepared to do your absolute best, then you are going to be passed by. Opportunities are out there, but you need to be able to take action to seize them. This is why furthering your education is a good idea, as it will give you a chance to hone your skills and truly up your game.

It is possible to sign up for a business management course that will give you a great opportunity to learn. There are actually many courses to consider, too, and you can educate yourself in many important areas. If you want to be a better manager, then you should take a look at these five reasons why taking a business management course is a great idea. It will give you a bit more insight into how useful it can be and will allow you to make an informed decision about if it is the right path for you to take.

  1. You Can Learn New Skills

The most important reason to sign up for these courses is so that you can learn new skills. If you want to be the best employee that you can be, then you need to have the skills to succeed. Courses such as this are designed to help employees develop the right skills in a safe and informative environment. You can learn about the theory behind certain management practices while also learning to put the skills to use in a real-world setting.

  1. Being Taught by Successful Professionals Is Great

Being able to receive instruction from successful professionals is a truly great experience. All of the instructors in these management classes will be very experienced. They have attained great success in the business world and are ready to pass their knowledge forward to you. This type of experience is very valuable and it is something that you should take advantage of to further your own career prospects.

  1. Courses Are Generally Short

You should know that these courses are generally not too long either. Most courses will take between three days and three weeks to complete. This means that you can gain a lot of knowledge in a short amount of time. It will be easy to find the time to fit this special training into your schedule and the benefits will be very clear.

If you are a very busy professional who only has so much time to dedicate to training such as this, then the short course times are hugely beneficial. You will be able to receive good training without it taking any longer than it has to. These courses are streamlined, but they still manage to be absolutely effective. Learning experiences will be fast paced, but thorough, allowing you to feel that much more confident in your skills.

  1. The Variety of Different Courses Is Stellar

The sheer number of different management courses that you will be able to choose from is impressive. There are so many different types of courses that will benefit you. You can learn skills in areas where you feel you are lacking to make improvements. It is also possible to learn about new areas of management where you have no experience whatsoever.

Simply being able to take the different courses will change your outlook as a professional. You can learn the right skills and become a more well-rounded employee. Your management skills will be taken to the next level and you can receive training in areas that will be important for the success of your organisation. It is simply going to be a great idea for anyone who wants to move up the corporate ladder.

  1. You Will Prepare Yourself for Greater Success

Finally, you should know that these types of courses will prepare you for greater success. If your goal is to move up in an organisation, then you can count on these courses to get you where you want to be. You will learn the right skills while also developing the proper mindset to find the success that you desire. Over time, you are going to become a much greater asset to your organisation and your hard work is going to be rewarded.

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