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October 20, 2018
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Use Different Packaging Material for Different Kinds of Products to Increase your Brand Value

Oct 7, 2018

For years ordinary cardboard boxes and plastic bags were used to pack things. Whether it was food items, products or apparels everything was just packed in boxes to keep them safe and together. However, with time people understood just packing things cannot solve all purposes. There can be instances when the box can’t be trusted. For example, heavy items may be shifted to cardboard boxes, but after it gets wet in rain when you pick that pack the entire items fall from beneath as it wasn’t protected well from water.

Hence, when you decide about packaging of your products, it has to be appropriate to your business. Not all items can be protected with the same kind of packaging material. Hence, when you start a business whether it is online or offline ensure that you have complete details of how to manage the packaging of your item which doesn’t cost you much money. Food items are safe in plastic containers which can be stored in refrigerator, whereas, fragile items that aren’t edible have to be protected by cushioned boxes, and clothes in plastic wraps to avoid any damage.

Hence, there are different packaging needs by industry that an individual needs to understand –

  • Crates and plastic huge containers are best to carry heavy items and travel to long distances. It can manage any kind of wear and tear, different kinds of climatic conditions and lasts long.
  • Shrink wrap is clinging plastic wrap that is wrapped around the object as long as it isn’t covered properly. The best part is that it can take the shape of the product which gives you enough space in a carton to load more items.
  • Vacuum packing is good for items which have to be sealed properly so that air doesn’t damage the item. This is more preferable for perishable items and frozen foods which can get spoiled if they come in contact with moisture.
  • Packaging for preservative items includes clinging wrap as well as vacuum sealer. This is considered for canned products and any other preservative items that have to be concealed for longer usage.

  • Shock resistant package is for extremely fragile items which are to be kept safe from excessive wear and tear, shock and vibration. Mostly, chemical compounds that are hazardous and electric items which can easily get damaged are wrapped in this package.

Now you know that every business has to use different kinds of packaging. Thus, check your requirement before ending up with an expensive and wasteful material.

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Five Effective CTA’s In Your Website

Oct 6, 2018

As important as calls to action are on a website it is equally important to understand that there is no one size fits it all solutions when it comes to CTA’s. Effective CTA’s are far more than creating a website throwing around “Click here” buttons all around the site and waiting for people to click and then rake in conversions or leads based on needs. Now that I have your attention you don’t need to look into a zillion possible types of CTA for your needs but basically, CTA is of 5 types when you are starting out and it’s easy to adapt on need as you go from there

Lead Generation

Lead Generation is one of the prime tasks of a CTA in any website. And if you’re trying to turn visitors into leads via these CTAs, you’ll want to place them in any spot on your website with a high percentage of new visitors.

The most popular place people put these types of CTAs is on their blog — at the end of their posts, in the sidebar, and maybe even as a floating banner in the corner. To be successful, these CTAs should be eye-catching and effectively communicate the value of clicking on it — visitors should know exactly what to expect when they get to the landing page the CTA points to.

Form Submission

And once your visitors get to your landing page, they’ll need to do two more things before they can be registered as a lead: fill out a form and click on a button to submit their information to your contacts database.

Since your visitors are so close to becoming a leader, you don’t want them to slip through the cracks with a lacklustre submit button. Therefore, it’s crucial to trade out your “submit” button copy for something more actionable and specific

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In any place you display a feed of content — your blog, your customer case study page, or even your press newsroom — you probably don’t want to display the whole post on the home page. Entice your homepage viewers to click on individual posts by featuring the first few paragraphs of your content followed by a “read more” CTA.

Product/Service Features

When someone is poking around your website trying to learn about your company and what it offers, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to do so. After all, your products and services are what keep your business afloat. The CTAs don’t have to be fancy images — simple text on a button can do the trick, as long as the button stands out enough against its background.

Lead Nurturing

So what happens when someone becomes a lead but isn’t quite ready for your product or service? You’ve got to entice them with another type of offer — but one that is more aligned with your product offering than a typical top of the funnel marketing offer.

Think about offers like product demos, free trials, or free quotes — this is the offer you want to promote with a lead nurturing CTA.

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How to Choose the Right Cash back Credit Card

Oct 2, 2018

Credit cards like the HSBC Gold Visa Cash Back Credit Card come with tons of perks, including the cash backs. The cash back feature gives you a percentage of the amount that you spend on a purchase. The amount ranges from 1% to 5%. If you spend PHP 1000 using your credit card, you will get a cash back ranging from PHP 10 to PHP 50.

Sounds great, right? But still it doesn’t automatically mean the cash back card is the right one for you. Here are the factors to consider if you’re thinking of applying for one.

What type of purchase do you usually make with your card?

Cash back cards are best if you are the type who uses your card for daily purchases. You are one of those people who prefer swiping your card instead of carrying around cash. This means you use your card for essentials such as groceries and gas. With the cash back card such as the Citi Cash Back Card, each of your purchases will earn little rewards. With this in mind, you should choose a card that will give you the highest cash back rate there is.

How much do you usually spend on your card?

Some cards will not require you to spend a minimum amount for you to earn cash back rewards. There are some who will give you rewards no matter how little you spend in a month. This means you don’t have to spend too much just to get cash backs. No need to make senseless purchases just to be able to earn cash backs.

Can you pay your full balance every end of the month?

Paying your balance full at the end of the month is always a good idea, no matter what type of card you use. With the cash back card, you can fully enjoy the cash backs you get because you don’t have to pay interest rates that come with not settling your balance in full.

If you decide to avail of a cash back card, check out the HSBC Gold Visa Cash Back Credit Card. You only need a minimum monthly income of PHP 13,500 and should be at least 21 years old. Annual fee is PHP 2500, which is waived for the first year.  For supplementary cardholders, annual fee is PHP 1250.

When it comes to rebates, you get 0.5% cash back for utilities, shopping, and groceries. Dining spends will get you 5% cash back while fuel purchases will get you 10% rebate.

The card also features 0% instalment plan with flexible payment schemes of up to 36 months. Other convenient features include auto charge, mobile payments, and Secure Pay, which gives you added layer of security for your online shopping.

Using a cash back credit card is a sensible idea for frequent users of their credit cards. Why not take advantage of the rewards that they offer? Whether you’re a first-time card user or someone who wants to upgrade your card, consider getting one like HSBC Gold Visa Cash Back Credit Card and start enjoying the perks that rebates give.

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How to Create an Effective Landing Page?

Oct 1, 2018

Here is an advice by the digital marketing services in Singapore, when it comes to the landing page. You must never promise to your audience in your online advertisement that your landing page does not deliver. Here are some tips on creating the perfect landing page ever.

  1. Your message should be loud and clear

When a person lands on your webpage, it typically takes 3 seconds for him to determine if he is interested in your product. You can make them stay longer on your page and persuade them by keeping your landing page clear and simple. Make it SEO friendly, you can hire SEO company Singapore to perform this task for you.

  1. Horizontal forms are the best

Horizontal forms are always preferred than the vertical ones. The former are easier to read as they flow in the natural way our eyes tend to scan a page. Moreover, if your sign up forms are short, they are convenient to fill out. When information is showcased horizontally, the person can grasp everything they need to in a single glance. Also, if you keep the sign up process quick, these leads are more likely to convert into customers.

  1. Make your landing page mobile friendly as well

You will never know when and where your ad will interact with your target audience. Maybe they will find it on their laptop while they are at work, or on their smartphone while waiting for their commute at the bus stop.

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