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May 20, 2024

As important as calls to action are on a website it is equally important to understand that there is no one size fits it all solutions when it comes to CTA’s. Effective CTA’s are far more than creating a website throwing around “Click here” buttons all around the site and waiting for people to click and then rake in conversions or leads based on needs. Now that I have your attention you don’t need to look into a zillion possible types of CTA for your needs but basically, CTA is of 5 types when you are starting out and it’s easy to adapt on need as you go from there

Lead Generation

Lead Generation is one of the prime tasks of a CTA in any website. And if you’re trying to turn visitors into leads via these CTAs, you’ll want to place them in any spot on your website with a high percentage of new visitors.

The most popular place people put these types of CTAs is on their blog — at the end of their posts, in the sidebar, and maybe even as a floating banner in the corner. To be successful, these CTAs should be eye-catching and effectively communicate the value of clicking on it — visitors should know exactly what to expect when they get to the landing page the CTA points to.

Form Submission

And once your visitors get to your landing page, they’ll need to do two more things before they can be registered as a lead: fill out a form and click on a button to submit their information to your contacts database.

Since your visitors are so close to becoming a leader, you don’t want them to slip through the cracks with a lacklustre submit button. Therefore, it’s crucial to trade out your “submit” button copy for something more actionable and specific

Read More

In any place you display a feed of content — your blog, your customer case study page, or even your press newsroom — you probably don’t want to display the whole post on the home page. Entice your homepage viewers to click on individual posts by featuring the first few paragraphs of your content followed by a “read more” CTA.

Product/Service Features

When someone is poking around your website trying to learn about your company and what it offers, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to do so. After all, your products and services are what keep your business afloat. The CTAs don’t have to be fancy images — simple text on a button can do the trick, as long as the button stands out enough against its background.

Lead Nurturing

So what happens when someone becomes a lead but isn’t quite ready for your product or service? You’ve got to entice them with another type of offer — but one that is more aligned with your product offering than a typical top of the funnel marketing offer.

Think about offers like product demos, free trials, or free quotes — this is the offer you want to promote with a lead nurturing CTA.

Garth Gregory

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