July 15, 2024

Are There Any Economical Travel Insurance Plans To Visit France?

10:10 am

France, one of the most travelled nations in the world, is renowned for its breathtaking scenery, mighty mountains, and vast vineyards. It combines delicious food, fashionable clothing, and fascinating culture. You will have the time of your life during your trip to France.

However, even a minor setback can instantly ruin your trip. You might lose your passport while wandering the streets of Bordeaux, or you might miss your flight to Paris. The best way to handle such difficulties without suffering a financial loss is to carry a travel insurance with you for your vacation.

Before leaving on your trip, you must buy travel insurance for France. Since France is a member of the Schengen Agreement, your application for a visa may be rejected if you are not insured.


Advantages of French Travel Insurance

Your travel insurance covers the financial consequences of unplanned events that happen while you’re travelling. Here are some of the top advantages of having travel insurance for France:

  • Provides cashless hospitalisation, emergency medical help, ambulance fees, etc.
  • Covers delayed and cancelled flights
  • Provides baggage-related benefits, such as coverage for lost, delayed, or damaged checked-in baggage
  • Covers the cost of medical evacuation and repatriation
  • Shields you from any legal obligations to third parties while travelling in France
  • Provides support locally if you need it
  • Covers personal accident and COVID-19-related expenses, including medical treatment and quarantine
  • Offers automatic extension in case of crisis

If your insurer doesn’t offer all of these perks, verify the policy details before making a purchase. When purchasing travel insurance for France, you can select from various travel insurance options on the market. You may alter your travel insurance plan to fit your specific requirements.

Why would someone from India to France need travel insurance?

Every traveller desires to visit France. But if you are in a crisis while travelling, this dream could quickly become a nightmare. Imagine that you were riding the train and someone took your wallet. Or what if you fall ill or are harmed while visiting France? As if that weren’t enough, anyone travelling to France is subject to travel hazards, including airline delays, lost luggage, etc.

If you encounter these problems while visiting France, you’ll lose a lot of money. In France, getting sick or hurt might result in hospitalisation and medical costs, which can significantly raise your trip budget. Similarly, if any emergency were to take place during your trip such as a terrorist attack or a natural calamity, evacuating from France could cause you financial burden more than you expect.

Having France travel insurance is the only way to protect yourself from suffering significant financial losses due to an emergency encountered while visiting France. You can easily buy travel insurance online for Europe or France specifically and save yourself from the hassles.

Most of the time, travel insurance for France includes coverage for unforeseen circumstances like unexpected medical costs, flight delays, cash for an emergency, lost luggage, medical evacuation, trip cancellation, lost passport, missed connection flight, repatriation of remains, accidental death & disability, etc.

All Indian citizens must purchase travel insurance for France per the France visa requirements. You must obtain travel insurance for France whether you travel for business or to see a family member, or for a vacation. The coverage offered by the policy offers you the financial assistance you need from unpredictable circumstances.

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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Term Insurance Nomination: All You Need To Know

12:43 pm

Who is a Candidate?

In the nomination procedure, the policyholder picks a beneficiary to receive plan benefits in case of a death claim. In the event of a misfortune, the insurance company pays the policy’s proceeds to the named beneficiary, also known as the nominee. The policyholder designates the beneficiary who wants to receive the financial advantages in an unfortunate event.

What is the Significance of a Candidate?

The policyholder selects the candidate. You must also provide the nominee’s information when signing up for online term insurance. The nominee may be a relative. You may nominate your mother, father, wife/husband, son, or daughter. In certain instances, the term policy can also protect relatives such as nieces, nephews, and aunts. However, the policyholder must complete the required paperwork to include distant relatives. If you designate a distant cousin or acquaintance as the beneficiary, it is essential to demonstrate the insurance interest. Your application may only be allowed if you demonstrate this to the company’s satisfaction.

What is the proportion of nominees who file a death claim?

When submitting a claim, the policyholder must provide the nominees’ names and the proportion of the benefit each nominee will receive. Therefore, the allocation percentage should be mentioned on the nomination form so that claims may be processed efficiently and death benefits are allocated according to the policyholder’s chosen ratio.

Advantages of Nomination Capability

During the processing of a death claim, the policyholder will choose a nominee to receive the death benefit through the nomination service. The promised amount plus relevant bonuses will be paid with the death benefit. The nomination facility serves the principal objective of life insurance. The insurance contract safeguards the policyholder’s interests. In the event of the tragic demise of the policyholder, the beneficiary, or nominee, obtains the cash benefit. The contract expires once the death benefit has been paid.

Ability to nominate any individual – The policyholder may select a nominee. The policyholder should ideally choose a responsible individual with whom they have complete faith to satisfy the family’s needs in their absence. If the policyholder can demonstrate an insurable interest, they can choose a friend or distant relative as a candidate.

Cancellation of candidate – The cancellation or modification of nominees is permissible at any moment.

Nomination information on the insurance policy – The nomination information is displayed on the insurance policy. The term insurance nominee‘s presence on the insurance agreement satisfies the legal responsibilities.

Candidate Particulars:

The following nominee information should be provided to the insurance company:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Address
  • The policyholder’s relationship with the nominee

Numerous Nominations:

You may choose numerous nominees so that each nominee receives an equal financial reward. Distributing the benefit according to the life insurance policyholder’s chosen percentage is also feasible. You must understand the insurance company’s policies to execute the option according to your needs. The policyholder must offer a substitute if the nominee is younger than 18 years old. A minor is ineligible to receive the money, which should be paid to the policyholder’s designated beneficiary.

Change in Nominee:

The policyholder can modify the nominee’s information. They can even alter the nominee during the policy’s duration. The person can receive the nomination form from the insurance company either online or offline. The completed form should be submitted to the insurance company to update the details efficiently.

To avoid disputes in claims processing, the insurer should provide the policyholder with a written acknowledgement. When the nominee’s name is updated, the most recent information will supersede any earlier details. There is no restriction on changing the nominee throughout the policy. If the nominee passes away before the policy term, the policyholder is responsible for changing the nominee. The policyholder is responsible for updating the nominee’s information whenever the nominee’s status changes.

If No Candidate is Found:

If the policyholder or term insurance nominee does not supply the nomination information and ceases to exist during the policy term, and if the nominee’s information has not been updated with the insurance company, the following rules apply:

The insurance company will provide the claim money to the rightful successor of Class I. These include:

  • The insured’s partner
  • The insured’s offspring
  • Assurance’s father
  • Assurance’s mother

If the policyholder leaves a will, the subsequent steps are taken:

  • The procedure follows the 1925 Indian Succession Act.
  • The stipulations will allocate the claim amount.
  • The court issues the succession certificate, and the insurance company will pay the claim amount depending on the court’s ruling.
  • The insurance company may need a surety bond, a joint discharge declaration, or a waiver of legal evidence.


The nomination facility safeguards the insured’s and the insurer’s interests. The term insurance provider will disburse the death benefit per the information provided on the nomination form – if the nominee’s information, such as name and address, changes, the details must be updated immediately.

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Countries With The Best Economy: Top 5

6:48 am

GDP (Gross Domestic Product) rate is widely considered to be the most comprehensive measure of a country’s economic output and is used to compare the economic growth and development of different countries.

List of Countries with Best Economy

Here are the countries with the best economy in the world:

United States

The US economy is the largest in the world, with a nominal GDP of over $21 trillion. It is the best economy in the list of top 10 economies in the world, characterized by a combination of private enterprise and government regulation, and is known for its highly developed financial, technology, and consumer goods industries. The US economy is highly dependent on consumer spending, which makes up about 70% of the total economic activity.


China has the second largest and one of the strongest economies in the world, with a nominal GDP of over $14 trillion. It is a socialist market economy, where the government plays a significant role in directing economic activity. China has experienced rapid economic growth over the past few decades, largely driven by the manufacturing sector, and has become a major player in global trade. Despite recent efforts to shift towards a more consumer-driven economy, investment and exports still play a major role in driving China’s growth.


Japan’s economy is the 3rd largest and the best economy in the world, with a nominal GDP of over $5 trillion. It is heavily dependent on exports and has a large trade surplus. The service sector drives the majority of the country’s GDP, while the industrial sector, including automotive and electronics, also plays a significant role. The country has a great skilled workforce and a strong innovation and technological development tradition. Despite facing challenges such as an aging population and slow economic growth, Japan remains one of the most developed and  strongest economies in the world.


Germany has the 4th largest economy in the list of top 10 economies  in the world, with a nominal GDP of over $4 trillion. It is Europe’s largest economy and the leading exporter in the European Union. The country has a strong and diverse industrial sector, including the automobile and machinery industries, as well as a thriving services sector. Germany is known for its highly skilled workforce and strong technological capabilities and has a strong reputation for innovation. Despite facing some challenges, such as an aging population and low birth rate, Germany’s economy remains robust and resilient.


India has the 5th largest economy in the world, with a nominal GDP of over $2.9 trillion. It is the fastest-growing major economy, with a growth rate of over 7% in recent years. The service sector is known to be the largest contributor to the country’s GDP, while agriculture and industry also play significant roles. India is known for its large and growing consumer market and has a large pool of skilled labor, including a large English-speaking population. Despite facing challenges such as poverty, inequality, and a high population growth rate, the Indian economy is expected to continue its rapid growth in the coming years. India is one of the top tea exporting countries in the world. The tea industry is an important part of the Indian economy, providing employment to millions of people and contributing to the country’s export revenue

United Kingdom

The UK has the 6th largest economy and the best economy in the world, with a nominal GDP of over $2.8 trillion. It has a highly developed and diversified economy, with services, including finance, accounting for the largest portion of GDP. The country also has a significant manufacturing sector, particularly in areas such as aerospace and pharmaceuticals. The UK is known for its strong trade ties and is a member of the European Union (until the end of 2021), which has helped to drive economic growth. Despite facing challenges such as Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic, the UK economy remains strong and is expected to recover in the coming years.

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Decoding the Call Manager feature in the Airtel Thanks app

12:11 pm

Gone are the days when there was one landline phone in an area. Today, almost everyone carries a smartphone or a regular cellphone to stay connected round the clock. While there are many cons one can identify in this smartphone generation, you can’t ignore the extent of connectivity that these phones have contributed to this world.

Your cellular network allows people to reach you anytime via calls or texts. An unavailable or inactive network can make you miss important calls. On the other hand, a round-the-clock active network can help spammers bombard you with multiple sales calls in a day. Therefore, you need an efficient call manager that allows you to get real-time missed call alerts and assist you in avoiding and blocking calls from unwanted people and spammers.

Airtel Thanks app’s newly launched call manager feature can help. We will discuss more on this particular feature in this blog.

So, let’s get right to it.

What is a call manager?

Call Manager is a function in the Airtel Thanks app. It can be used by all Airtel mobility (prepaid & postpaid) users to manage all their calls in one place. The call manager helps users to keep a track of all their calls in a single place. It also features missed call alerts function for keeping a track of calls the user has missed. You will also be reported about the person’s network status whom you had tried reaching but couldn’t connect with some time back.

You can also use the Thanks call manager to block unwanted callers and report spam. This will help you avoid unwanted spam calls which waste your time throughout the day.

Once you report a number as spam and block it, these blocking patterns by various users will be observed by Airtel and used to map spam callers and remove them from the network. It will help Airtel create a spam-free network for everyone!

Let’s see how you can activate it in the Airtel Thanks app.

How can you use the call manager function in the Airtel Thanks app?

The call manager function is available on the Airtel Thanks app free of cost. All you have to do is download the latest version of the app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Follow the below steps further:

  • Open the Airtel Thanks app and register.
  • Enter the OTP you receive on your number and proceed.
  • Locate ‘call manager’ under the ‘shortcuts’ tab right on the home page of the app.
  • Tap on it.
  • This will enable the Airtel missed call alert activation. If you had enabled this feature using USSD Code earlier, your missed call alerts feature will already be active.
  • Once the feature is enabled, you have to give the Thanks app access to your contact list for better missed call alerts.
  • You will see a header named ‘pending permissions’ here. Go to settings to allow both contact access and notification permission.
  • Once that’s set up, you will start getting the alerts for all the missed calls.

The missed call alerts feature is listed under the call history tab. There’s another tab named blocklist in the call manager. Here’s how you can block a number:

  • Long press on the number/contact you wish to block.
  • Tap on ‘block’ to proceed.
  • Confirm the request by tapping on ‘block contact’ to avoid calls and texts from the given number.

The call manager feature in the Airtel Thanks app can help you manage your calls better. Download the Airtel Thanks app to know more and get your phone recharged with the best deals.

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Australian commercial market predictions in 2023

4:56 am

Facing many setbacks from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Australian commercial property market somewhat showed some positive trends in Q1 of 2022[1]. Office and industrial sectors foresaw the importance of new office spaces and the need to hire more employees following the ease of COVID restrictions.

As the remote work mandate was lifted across the country, investors grew hungry to find better and more suited office spaces for their operations. This demonstrated a healthy flow of capital into the commercial real estate market throughout the first quarter of 2022.

As we approach the fall of 2022, the interest rates will be higher, and so is inflation [2]. How will commercial real estate respond to such alarming issues? If you are a buyer, seller, or investor of any kind, you will want to access the impact of rising inflation and interest rates on commercial real estate property; are there any positive sides to it, or just are the bearer of bad news?

Investing in Commercial Real Estate in 2023

Commercial real estate in Australia, especially commercial real estate in Melbourne and across other major cities, is always topical to local and foreign investors. If you are considering a possible real estate transaction right now, you will want to have a clear assessment of how commercial real estate in Melbourne and other big cities is going to be in 2023.

With the constantly growing inflation, banks are bound to throw higher interest rates on bank loans to curb inflation. This creates an unwelcoming scenario for businesses or individuals in pursuit of commercial real estate loans. Furthermore, rising inflation means an increase in construction costs that will escalate the cost of commercial properties to new heights.

Higher interest rates mean a loanee has higher loan repayments and will be reluctant to apply for a mortgage. This will reduce the number of buyers in the current market, which means less competition. This constricts the population of potential buyers in the commercial real estate market. Those with robust finances will be the only ones pulling the strings in the market when interest rates are higher.

If you have adequate cash flow to invest in commercial properties right now, this can be the right time for you to enter the market and find the best deals upfront. Commercial real estate in Windsor and Caulfield are two of Melbourne’s growing commercial centres. There are high chances of finding the right commercial property for your office spaces in those cities. You can find the best deal on commercial real estate in Caulfield and Windsor with Axis Property.

One more considerable impact of higher interest rates, which is the current scenario in Australia, through less interested parties in the market is a drop in property prices. Fewer buyers imply an oversupply of commercial properties in the market, and when supply is high, the price will move ahead in the counter direction.

A period of over-supply of commercial properties will give new investors a chance to grab desired property for a relatively lower price before the market sets course towards correction. If you are in correlation with an experienced property management agency, the year 2023 sure can land you the best deals on the commercial real estate market.

Owing to several factors; key market drivers, the commercial property market is one of Australia’s financial hubs in constant influx. Market drivers such as supply and demand, interest rates, population density, and economic state come into play when accessing (based on data) the market.

If you are a commercial real estate investor, you must have a keen eye on these subjects before making a play. Axis Property makes it easy for every client to manoeuvre speed bumps in their journey through Melbourne’s commercial real estate market.

Axis Property is a leading property management agency in Melbourne that handles hundreds of commercial properties inside this beautiful metropolis and its suburbs. All you need to do is to list your commercial real estate with Axis Property and acquire reliable services related to commercial property management in Melbourne and its suburbs like Caulfield and Windsor.

Find the best deals on commercial properties in Melbourne, Windsor, and Caulfield with Axis Property. Windsor and Caulfield are two of Melbourne’s fastest-growing commercial hubs boosting hot properties for investors to buy or lease. This can be your opportunity to strengthen your commercial real estate portfolio with the best deals in the market right now.

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