July 18, 2024

Headshots and business portraits have been in use for the longest time, but in recent years, the demand for professional services has increased considerably. Let’s start by understanding the basics of business portraits. Unlike a headshot, which basically covers the face of the person, business portraits are more elaborate and are used for more creative needs. Headshots are more used for “about us”, team pages and for LinkedIn profiles, but business portraits are required for magazines, marketing materials and beyond. In this post, we are discussing further on business portraits photography and things you need to know.

Look for a service that shines

Corporate photography is not about taking photos with a good DSLR. You need a team that can understand the technicalities of it and is around to take questions, suggest ideas, and has a good perspective of aesthetics. They should be able to take photos that aligns with your brand and not the other way around. Also, you need to ask about their approach to business portraits in particular, because corporate photographers are expected to know everything that’s different between a portrait and a headshot. Hire a company that is willing to offer references, is accessible at all times, and will show samples of the business portraits they have taken in the past.

Know the art of taking business portraits

Firstly, business portraits are much more engaging to the eyes than a standard headshot, and therefore, it is rather easy to understand why the process of shooting would be different. In case of business portraits, lighting and background play a dominant role, simply because the idea is to create profiles of important people and tell a story with the images. You must allow your photographer the required freedom to play with ideas. Since business portraits are only taken for important people who matter, it must be done right, so that their work and overall personality shines through.

Don’t hesitate to pay a tad more

If hiring a reliable company means paying a little more for business portraits, that price is worth paying because eventually, it is the name and overall image of your brand that matters. You may also want to review and check the work of the service and if they have worked with companies similar as yours.

Typically, business portraits are charged for each person, but based on the nature and volume of work, you can always negotiate.

Garth Gregory

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