June 18, 2024

Have you have ever tried to resell an old smartphone? You have probably tried to figure out your device’s IMEI number for that. What about your new smartphone box? Have you ever seen the words IMEI and a couple of numbers alongside it? If you are not familiar with this term, then here is everythingyou must know about it. You might need to use it real soon. Get ready to learn all about this unique numeric code today.

What is the IMEI number?

We will tell you what IMEI number is, but first, let us break it down into its full form. IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. Basically, the IMEI is a sequence of 15 digits that act as an identifier of your mobile phone. Do remember that the IMEI number is solely related to the hardware of your device, and not software. In addition, it is unique to every single mobile. Hence, you will not find two devices on this planet with the same IMEI number. Each one is different, just like a snowflake.

IMEI in itself is quite useful, by the way. Since it acts as an ID for your mobile, it can also be detected via mobile detectors. If a device is on a specific mobile network, then it can certainly be tracked down with the help of its IMEI number.

Let us say, your smartphone has been stolen or lost. In such cases, the IMEI number proves to be quite handy. It enables you to remotely disable the smartphone. On the other hand, telecom companies also use the IMEI codes to see if a device is authentic and to activate basic services (calling, SMS, mobile data, etc.) for it.

How do I find my phone’s IMEI number?

There are multiple ways to find the IMEI number on your device. Here are some of the most commonly known ways:

Dial the USSD code for IMEI number

Dialling the USSD code to get your IMEI number is one of the easiest and by far, the quickest method that you can think of. Simply dial in *#06# on your dialler app and press the call button. Your IMEI code will appear on the screen in no time. Easy, simple to follow and extremely effective.

Look for it on the smartphone package

If you are a hoarder, then now is the time for you to shine! There are plenty of people who prefer to keep their smartphones or mobile phone boxes with them. If you inspect closely, you will see the IMEI code imprinted on the device box.

Go to ‘Settings’ on your mobile

If the above mentioned methods are not working, then it is time for you to dig deeper into the ‘Settings’ app of your smartphone and find out the IMEI code. You will find the code within the Settings option on both iOS and Android devices.

These are some of the easiest ways to find out your IMEI code. Now, if you are thinking about reselling your phone with the IMEI number, then you can certainly go ahead. But don’t you think a new smartphone also needs a new SIM card with some coolmobilerecharge plans? Airtel’s postpaid plans can certainly help in that regard. Do give it a thought.

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